Frequently asked questions

About My Sugar Holidays

What is MSH?

My Sugar Holidays is a portal created specifically for people like you; whether as a place to meet new friends or as a relationship portal, our only wish is to put you in touch with people who are like you and that can share sweet moments with you in the future wherever you go.

What is our aim?

Our main goal is to put people who want to travel to any destination in touch with each other. These contacts can either be between travellers/travellers or travellers/residents. These relationships between travellers and residents can either be as a mere relationship between people who have the same hobby or as a portal of personal and intimate relationships between people who travel and do not want to do it alone, so that a traveller can meet another user and thus reach personal agreements. But above all, having fun and enjoying your holiday is the most important aspect for us.

Sweet events (coming soon)

On the other hand, you can also create Sweet Events. People can join your event giving you a business opportunity while people are enjoying

Having said all this...

But we know that we are only starting and we ask you to be patient until the site starts to flourish and become even more interesting. In the meantime share the site with all your friends and family so they can sign up and start meeting people and discover new, attractive destinations. And by the way, we appreciate any kind of suggestion.